FREE GUIDE: 4 Easy Steps to Help your Baby Take Longer Naps (BONUS Printable Wake Window Chart Included)

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Want to break the cycle of 30 min naps? Want to drink your coffee while it's still hot during nap time? 


Get this free guide to find the cause of short naps and 4 easy steps to fix them. 

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Did you know that better naps = less night wakings?

Short or mistimed naps can lead to your baby waking up more often at might due to overtiredness. 

So help your child sleep better at night by improving their naps too!

Free Guide - 4 Steps to Longer Naps

BONUS Printable Wake Window Chart Included

No more guesswork

In this guide, discover the 5 main causes of short naps to find the one affecting your child's sleep

No more hours of rocking or nursing or swinging to sleep

In this guide, I'll show you how to time your baby's naps so they go to sleep quickly and take a great nap

Improve night sleep too

Naps and nights are interlinked. Once you nail the naps, the nights will start to get better too. 

Free Guide - 4 Steps to Longer Naps


Let's make nap time the new happy hour!