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Pediatric Sleep Expert & Founder of Yawn to Dawn

Looking for quick and instant solutions for your child's sleep struggles? 

Maybe you've already checked out my full sleep programs (Newborn, Infant & Toddler) but they don't suit your needs or budget. 

Not to worry! 

Now you can INSTANTLY book a 30 min or 60 min consultation with me to get personalised advice for your child.  

I had an hours consultation with Rinie regarding my 10 month old daughter. Prior to the appointment I filled out a very thorough questionnaire which Rinie had read prior and had a good understanding of what sleep help I needed (naps and independent sleeping). Rinie was so warm and welcoming and she listened, taking into consideration my toddles routine too! I've implemented most of what Rinie suggested  but what I have done has worked, and I'm going to use Rinie to properly sleep train too!
Stephanie from UK

M/O 10 month old baby girl

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In this consultation, you can get personalised solutions to sleep & routine related challenges such as -

  • Early morning risings

  • Excessively late bedtime

  • Weaning Night feeds

  • Day & Night confusion

  • Short naps

  • Split nights (long wake period in the middle of the night)

  • Lack of daily feeding & sleep routine

  • Nap transitions

  • Stopping co-sleeping

  • Moving your child to their own room

  • Sleep regressions


I booked Rinie’s 1 hour session to discuss about my baby’s early morning wakings. But little did I know, I could learn so much about sleep training basics and how it’s not only about how they fell asleep but also how they wake up and routine after that. Rinie was able to help me with all our queries and more. Really liked the fact that she listened to our concerns and gave solutions which suits our beliefs and requirements.
Deepti from USA

M/O 8 month old baby girl

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Choose a consultation package according to your needs and budget:

Booked a 1 hour call with Rinie to work on my 5.5 month old girl early morning wakings. She was really helpful and suggested ways to tweak her daytime schedule to suit her age, activities to keep her awake and even adjust her feeding schedule around her naps! 
YingHui from Singapore 

M/O 5 month old baby girl

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Meet Rinie

Pediatric Sleep Consultant & Newborn Care Specialist @ Yawn to Dawn 

Hey there! I've been in the trenches of parenthood, feeling totally sleep-deprived and wondering if I'd ever get a good night's rest again. As an expat nuclear family in Singapore, I had a very thin support system to rely on with my first born daughter.

But guess what? I found the secret sauce! I went from zombie-mode to blissful nights in no time. My own little one went from 5-7 night wakings to snoozing a solid 11 hours within a week.

Now, I'm on a mission to help tired moms like you, who are lacking support, find the same life-changing sleep success.

Let's banish those sleepless nights and bring back the energy and sanity you deserve!

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